The Addictive Side of Marijuana: What Most People Don’t Talk About

The Addictive Side of Marijuana: What Most People Don’t Talk About

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) found that in 2016, 4 million people aged 12 and older qualified as having cannabis use disorder (CUD) – which tends to develop when a person has become tolerant of marijuana and needs to take more in order to feel the same “high” effects. Despite so many people meeting the criteria for this, most people don’t consider marijuana to even be an addictive substances – after all, it’s natural, right? Despite this common belief, the reality is that marijuana is just as addictive as any other drug that produces that feeling of being “high”. Even if a person doesn’t achieve physical addiction, they can reach psychological dependency – which still represents a major concern that not enough people address.

In 2015, Kitty Gray wrote to Vice explaining that her daily ritual of “waking up and smoking marijuana” developed into full-blown psychological dependency. She stated, “If I need to eat, sleep, relax, be amused, calm down, forget a horrible experience, practice self-love, run errands of any kind, watch TV, or create something: I smoke.”

While marijuana can have beneficial effects – as previous studies have emphasized the therapeutic benefits of marijuana for certain medical conditions – it seems as though recreational use can become a bit addictive for some people, especially when things get out of hand. What’s holding most people back, however, is the belief that they can “quit” anytime they’d like – and this strong belief is what draws people away from seeking help. How do you know if you’re struggling with marijuana dependency? Take a look at the following signs:

  •   You need more of it to feel “high”
  •   You’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms – like loss of appetite, insomnia or anxiety when you stop using it
  •   You’ve been using more marijuana that you’ve originally intended to lately
  •   You’re just not able to cut down or quit

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