Taking a Day Off – How to Do It Right

Taking a Day Off - How to Do It Right

Stress is a common occurrence throughout everyday life. While the sources of stress can change, the universal experience of stress is a constant struggle that can whittle your mental health and emotional resiliency. Due to these stresses, you may find that taking a day off is necessary.

There are ways to help improve the efficacy of this time off. Doing so can provide you with the required rest, relaxation, and mental and emotional rejuvenation necessary to avoid the more detrimental sides of stress.

Time for Yourself Is Necessary

Taking time off from work or personal obligations is a great idea in concept. As easy as that sounds, it is seemingly difficult to follow through on giving in to this need for your own well-being. The work culture typically celebrates over-engagement and recognizes individuals by their level of productivity rather than seeing a person’s mental and physical needs. This reality often serves as a significant barrier in taking this time off.

When you make the decision to give yourself a break, you are engaging in an essential practice that will promote greater health benefits in the long term. Difficult working conditions, sacrificing time with loved ones, and more all take a significant toll on each individual that is not reflected in a paycheck.

Taking time off is an investment into your personal needs. This can help to avoid the dangers of overworking or the development of unhealthy coping strategies, such as drugs, alcohol, or other vices to deal with these stresses.

Schedule the Day

While taking a surprise day off can be necessary for some circumstances, scheduling your time off ahead of time can help you make the most of your day. With a known day off looming, it can be easier to keep a positive attitude while coping with stresses, knowing that your reward is on the horizon.

This also lets others know to expect your absence both physically and electronically, further eliminating any expectations for the dedicated time. Planning ahead can help mitigate last-minute calls, obligations, or anything else that may otherwise unexpectedly inhibit your scheduled time for yourself.

Know Your Hobbies

Tending to a rigid schedule during your day off can be an unnecessary source of stress that can leave you feeling depleted. Taking time to jot down a few restful activities you can realistically accomplish will allow you to dedicate the day towards your betterment. You may be surprised to discover how little you seem to understand your needs. This sudden realization can serve as evidence that you should carve out time for yourself more often.

Hobbies that “unplug” an individual from stress can be incredibly beneficial for this time. If your pursuit utilizes your phone too much, you may be compelled to check your emails and be met with work. Even if you choose not to work on this day off, receiving information can make your stresses feel as if they are invading your thoughts again, compromising your focus on relaxation and stress relief.

However, whatever hobbies you choose, it is essential to have a plan for the entire day ahead in some way. Too much uncertain downtime can open the doors to unhealthy coping strategies, such as sitting and drinking for a whole day. You may compromise the spirit of your day off if you feel guilty for “doing nothing,” despite that false implication.

Choose Who to Spend It With

Taking time off is an excellent opportunity to connect with your friends outside of work. This can help you to create a time where you can relax and reconnect with others. Making plans ahead of time to engage in activities together can be instrumental. However, it is just as acceptable to decide that you want a day entirely to yourself. There is nothing wrong with embracing a quiet day for your interests without a semblance of guilt.

Take It at Your Own Pace

Pacing yourself for your day off is essential, ensuring that your day feels different and unique compared to your routine. Turning off your morning alarm or going to bed early are all acceptable ways to move at your desired pace. Days off are unique in that you do not have to schedule your day around other expectations or the needs of others.

Moving at your own pace can even make the entire day feel centered around your mental, physical, and emotional needs. This makes it possible to no longer be prohibited by other influences or responsibilities.

 Taking a day off, either as a support or for one in recovery yourself, is essential. The stresses of daily life, coupled with the unique effects of addiction and mental health recovery, can all take an emotional toll, and balancing your personal needs with external expectations, responsibilities, and obligations is paramount. At Avalon Malibu, we understand the need to detach from these stresses and prioritize your own mental and emotional wellbeing, and we encourage you to not only take this time to address these personal needs, but also explore how to make the most of this time. Your time with us is completely personalized to your unique needs and goals, and we are prepared to help you find the best ways to relieve stress and process the daily anxieties or depression that may be present. For information on how we can personalize your time with us, or to speak to a caring staff member, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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