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Trying to get a good night sleep can become an expensive challenge. There is no need to break the bank in order to catch some Z’s.

Keeping A Clean Room

Nothing about cleaning your room sounds relaxing. After dealing with the short term stress of having to clean your room, you get to luxuriate in the long-term glory of a full night’s sleep. Having a clean room reduces the clutter in your mind as well as on  your floor. When you fall asleep having just looked at all of your unfinished business laying around your room, you are prone to think about it. Even if your laundry list isn’t the most prominent thing you’re thinking about as you’re counting sheep, somewhere in your mind there is an active note reminding you to clean up sometime soon.

Buy Blackout Shades

If you’re a difficult person to wake up in the morning, blackout shades might not be the best solution for you. For others who are vulnerable to the first crack of sunlight, blackout shades can be a game changer. Waking up too early, especially after a less than satisfying night’s sleep, can be a challenge for overall energy, sustainability, and functioning. Blackout shades naturally reduce the amount of sunlight which gets in through the window. You’ll be able to sleep longer and more deeply without interruption.

Resolve  Your Issues

Part of the program of recovery suggested by the twelve steps includes continuing to take a daily inventory. At the end of each day, recovering addict and alcoholics are expected to review what happened in their day, specifically looking at any kind of wrongdoing which might necessitate a prompt apology. Going to bed with a steaming brain full of resentment and anger is not helpful for sleep. Instead, the stress can keep you up all night, which makes coping with the stress even more difficult.

Create A Bedtime Ritual

Ideally, you should start getting “ready” for bed about an hour ahead of bed time. The brain takes an hour to start preparing for sleep. Staying totally active and engaged before you shut off the light and close your eyes doesn’t give your brain any of the important down time it needs to transition into being sleepy. Brush your teeth, wash your face, do some stretches, journal, write a gratitude list, meditate- whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed and completed at the end of the day will help you sleep.
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