Reading and Recovery

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Reading can boost mental health and help us destress. Here are some ways to incorporate reading into your daily life.

Whether you love novels, newspaper articles, magazines, or blogs, reading is always a good idea. There are innumerable benefits to reading that go way beyond increasing intelligence. Believe it or not, reading can actually boost mental health and decrease stress. Here, we’ll look at some of the benefits of reading, as well as some ways to incorporate it into your daily routine for improved mental and emotional health and a more expansive recovery journey. 

Reading Boosts Knowledge 

Quite simply, the more we read, the more we know. Additionally, it improves concentration, increases vocabulary, and exercises our brains. Apart from these more obvious benefits of reading, there are some powerful reasons to read that go beyond knowledge or intelligence. For instance, reading boosts empathy. When we read novels, we go on journeys with the characters and begin to gain a wider understanding of the breadth of human experience. Likewise, when we read newspaper articles or nonfiction books, we get more of a sense of what’s going on in the larger world. Additionally, reading a good book can reduce stress. Reading can be a healthy escape into a whole other world, one where we can use our imaginations to navigate and learn. Reading before bed can also improve the quality of sleep. While we understand that reading can so many amazing benefits, it can often feel difficult to fit it into daily life.

If you want to create a more book-centric life, start by creating a routine. Read for 15-30 minutes at the start or end of your day. Reading a few pages before drifting off to sleep is also a great way to start a reading habit. Additionally, joining a book club or reading a book amongst friends can be a fun way to up your reading time. Reading is a healthy habit that can be a wonderful part of the recovery journey.

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