Non-12 Step Recovery

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Non-12 Step Recovery

There are many pathways to getting sober. You may find that you are not interested in joining a specific 12-step fellowship in regards to getting sober and that is okay. It is an important fact to disclose, however, that you talk about what method is best in line with where you are at in your recovery goals.

Some people get to a place where they realize their relationship with substances is causing problems and they want to change their behavior. Others have a strong faith and relationship with a higher power that has helped them realize they no longer want to use substances. Whatever the case may be 12 step recovery is not the only solution or pathway in staying sober.


If you are someone that has a strong faith in the church and you feel like you have lost your way, your religious convictions can help you. Religion and church can help guide you back to a successful lifestyle. It promotes strength when you experience stress or fear. It provides a community spirit where you have a group of people who can support you and guide you on the right track.

Many times people have gotten sober through religion and with the help of others who have struggled with the same issue. If you are uncomfortable with religion you do not have to take this path. There are other spiritual programs available that are not affiliated with religion at all.


Therapy is a useful method in helping people who suffer from substance use. The main problem that prevents you from getting real help is dishonesty. People who use substances oftentimes feel afraid or insecure in getting honest about the details of their usage.

A therapist is there to listen and provide support. They do not judge and are useful in providing coping mechanisms that you can use in your daily life.

Sober Companion

There are people you can hire to help support you in the beginning if that is the main thing you need. These people are there to offer support and are not always affiliated with the 12 step program. They can help you get to places and offer you guidance so that you do not revert to substance usage for comfort.

Every individual is different. Some need the 12 steps and others need help with self-empowerment. Avalon Malibu understands that treatment is tailored to the individual. With the help of professionals you can find a pathway that works for you that promotes self-improvement. Avalon Malibu is all-inclusive in this way and if you are struggling call today at (844) 857-5992.

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