Many Ways in Which Parental Problem Drinking Negatively Affects Family Functioning

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Problem drinking is an unfortunate yet common occurrence in U.S. families today. Previous research has shown that parental problem drinking can cause problems in their marriage, home life, work productivity, social life, and more. However, it’s more than just the parent who is affected by this; problem drinking can significantly impact children in the family as well as the significant other. If you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol, it’s important for them to seek treatment for both their safety and their families’

Research has shown that parents who engage in problem drinking are at higher risk for abusing their children due to lowered inhibitions, sharpened aggressive feelings, decreased frontal lobe functioning (which is responsible for helping a person deal with unexpected situation), and more. Children are also at risk for developing depression, anxiety, problems with cognitive and verbal skills, and developing substance abuse problems later on in life. A 2016 study titled “Parental Problem Drinking and Adolescent Externalizing Behaviors: The Mediating Role of Family Functioning” involved the analysis of surveys completed by both parents and adolescents from across the country. Problem drinking, adolescent-parent communication, binge drinking, drug use, rule breaking and aggression were all measured in the survey responses.

The study’s results showed the maternal (mother’s) problem drinking was related to increased drug use of adolescent girls in the family and increased alcohol use of adolescent boys. Paternal (father’s) problem drinking was shown to decreased family cohesion as well as decreased adolescent-parent communication. The study also found that decreased adolescent-mother communication was correlated to high aggressive behavior for adolescent boys. As one could predict, results from the study indicated that parental problem drinking led to adolescent rule breaking and aggressive behavior.

Thus, parental problem drinking can disrupt an entire family’s balance. If you are a parent who has been struggling with alcoholism. Seek the help you need today. Recovery is possible, and it could significantly change your family’s health and well-being for the better. Addiction has the propensity to destroy families; don’t let this happen to yours.

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