Is There Such a Thing as “The Wrong Path”?

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As humans, we create our own perceptual definition of “the wrong path” but philosophically, there are simply choices being made. As a society, we have a clear distinction regarding morals; there is a right and wrong, good and evil. The nature of morality may vary depending on the person and circumstance. For example, a common philosophical question of morality is this: We typically state that stealing is wrong. If stealing is wrong, then a person should suffer the consequences, which often means that the person goes to jail. However, what if a person has no money, no family, is homeless, and is starving? Should someone go to jail for stealing a loaf of bread at the store? This question could be debated and argued from several different viewpoints; we now have food shelters so that people don’t have to make “risky” decisions such as stealing.

When it comes to other viewpoints of “right and wrong” and “good and evil” common societal belief is that “right” and “good” means happy, healthy, and making choices that coincide with success, value, and goodwill. Choices that are considered “wrong” and “evil” are often choices that harms oneself and others, declines a person’s happiness and health, and doesn’t assist with the success, value, and goodwill of a person and population. Many times, if someone falls into harmful habits of addiction or is negatively affected by characteristics of mental illness, they may be viewed as “going down the wrong path”.

However, as humans, we are bound to come across maladies and issues, and “the wrong path” could easily become “the right path” should a person have proper support and is able to take steps towards overcoming what is troubling them. The issue with stating that someone has “taken the wrong path” is an implied notion that the person is staying on the wrong path, never to return. This can be limiting, as being human is a series of ups, downs, and everything in between.

If we can change our perspective to the fact that we are all human with maladies and flaws, we all suffer from pain, we all make choices, and we all learn from those choices, we can better help lift one another up to overcome our struggles. We all have diverse backgrounds and experiences, feelings and thoughts – therefore we all suffer from different things. The best way to “stay on the right path” is to eliminate the pressure behind being right and what that means to be on the “right path”, and just take a path. See what works and what doesn’t, learn and grow from our experiences and strive to lead a life of which we can be proud of.

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