Is There Such a Thing as a “Normal” Person?

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“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

-Morticia Addams from “The Addams Family”

The term “normal” is perceptual and subjective, and may mean something different depending on the context of the situation. A person may use the word “normal” when referring to the majority – for example, a person might be considered “normal” by others if they listen to a certain genre of music that most people in that area listen to. Conversely, a person may not be considered “normal” if they speak in a way that’s different from what most people speak like in a certain area. While many use the term “normal” to categorize someone, something, or an act of behavior, “normal” doesn’t really exist.

Doctors use the term “normal” to help patients feel calm about symptoms or side effects they may be experiencing, and to let them know that many others feel the same way. We use the term “normal” as a form of measurement to determine if something should require special consideration/attention or not. “Normal” has also been used to define people – which can certainly exclude others.

Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances, attitudes, values, and beliefs – what may be considered normal or typical for some may be viewed as absurd by others. For some who suffer from an addiction or mental illness, “normal” may mean people who do not suffer from one of these. However, this isn’t true because mental illnesses and addictions can very often be hidden to others, so what may seem as though someone doesn’t suffer from maladies could be a misconstrued perception.

When we utilize the term “normal”, we often set ourselves up for failure and discourage others. Everyone wants to feel included and a part of society. If we use “normal” as a deciding factor to determine whether someone should be included or not, we neglect the fact that we all have maladies, quirks, unique characteristics, annoyances, griefs, and more. We neglect the complex nature that comes with being human – the various ideas, perceptions, and differences that make each of us meaningful in our own way.

If we incorporate the term “normal” into our mental script’s perception of reality, we dare to undermine the validity of our experiences. As a person, we feel, think, react, breathe, and are heavily impacted by stimulants surrounding us. These nuances of human existence are true and real – and we can all relate to that.

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