Inspiration for you: Success Stories of Overcoming Severe Anxiety

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Most of us have been there. Feelings of dread and panic arise when a big test is coming up, when we are about to enter an interview, when we are asked to come up and speak on stage, and more. The symptoms of anxiety can feel very real, and very scary. You may easily experience heart palpitations, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, dizziness, detachment, tingling sessions or numbness, and more. If we let it, severe anxiety can take complete control over our lives. Thankfully, help is available and there are ways to overcome some of these fears we are experiencing.

For example, medication can sometimes help us focus on what’s most important: our mental health. Alexander Crawford shared his experience with anxiety, depression, and psychosis on the Anxiety and Depression Association’s main page. Here is an excerpt from his story:

“I had my first psychotic breakdown. The next couple years of my life would amount to a living hell. As I pretended to take my antipsychotic pills, I routinely got into arguments with my family, the local police, and so on. I remember being so paranoid that I would have specific garbage cans I could throw my pills away in…Stabilizing allowed me to complete undergraduate studies, work, take vacations, and in general just enjoy my time. I have been stable now and on medication for about five years, and I definitely have not looked back.”

For many people who have overcome their anxiety, it has taken them many tries at finding what works best for them. Ben shares his story and what has worked best for him on the Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria, Inc. website. Here is a short clip from his story:

“I suffered from acute agoraphobia. I was terrified to leave the house. I wouldn’t ride on planes, trains, or any form of public transport. I was terrified of being caught in traffic jams, lifts, shopping centers, open spaces, crowds, and especially hot, crowded rooms…I keep myself symptom free by regular meditation, keeping physically fit, having a high self-esteem, a healthy diet, resting when I need to rest, surrounding myself with calm people and not partaking in work that causes me anxiety.”

Severe anxiety can take many forms, and there are different tools that each person can use, depending on what works best for them. If you are struggling with severe anxiety, recognize that there are many tools you can use. Make the decision to seek help today.

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