Inside the Life of Someone with Functioning Heroin Addiction

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According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 948,000 reported heroin use in 2016, and this number continues to rise. Heroin is a popular drug of choice – and an addictive one at that – giving people feelings of euphoria. There are many side effects of heroin, however, and those include: dry mouth, warm flushing of the skin, overall heavy feeling, nausea and vomiting, extreme itchiness, clouded mental functioning, and going “back and forth” between consciousness and subconsciousness. While there is a common stereotype that a person with a drug addiction is homeless, jobless, and more, there are many people that defy that image.

It is possible for someone to have an addiction and still function in their daily life, masking their secret habit. For example, CNN recently covered the lives of several people who have heroin addiction but have been able to hide their addiction while continuing with their success. One young man, age 26, explained that with his higher position in the corporate world, he was able to afford nearly $350-600 a week on drugs. This man further explained that he would lie to many people to continue with his drug use, telling a pharmacist that he needed syringes because he was a school science teacher or explaining to his coworkers that he had bruises on his arms because he was diabetic.

Maintaining heroin addiction alongside career and social success also means having support if the person is in a relationship. One woman explained that as a store manager, she began using heroin when it became more difficult to obtain prescription opioids for the chronic pain she was encountering. She stated that her husband is supportive and even keeps Narcan, an overdose antidote drug, but he would prefer that she quit use altogether. She stated on CNN,

He loves me enough that he’s willing to stay with me. That’s a key component to keeping me from going off the deep end.”

Each person’s story is different, but there is one ending that should be the same – recovery. If you are struggling with heroin addiction, make the decision to seek help today.

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