How Xanax Addiction Became so Popular

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Xanax first appeared in the market in 1981, and was a follow-up medication to Valium, which also helped with anxiety and was very common during the 1970’s. What made Xanax so popular is it’s marketing of helping people with panic attacks – something that Valium didn’t claim to do. Many people in the 80’s began using this drug as a form of relaxation and a way to ease their fear and panic – and has continued to rise up the charts for usage even today.  

Xanax is the number one prescription drug in the United States, and provides a calm and relaxing state of feeling to those who take it. Many enjoy the effects of Xanax because it helps calm their central nervous system and acts very quickly in the body once taken. When people begin taking Xanax, they often to sleep better and have overall less anxiety. The drug boosts a brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), the neurotransmitter responsible for sending calming and relaxing signals throughout our body. When prescribed, individuals are often set a certain timeline to take it – but once they experience the pleasurable feelings the drug produces, they often feel they need the drug to continue feeling relaxed and calm.

From there, people may continue taking the drug even though their prescription is outdated to try and achieve the same results they felt at the beginning. This leads to a dangerous path though – as the body becomes used to taking the drug, it replaces its natural ability to produce GABA with the drug itself. This then means that the person must increase their dosage to achieve the same relaxing feeling that they felt when they first started taking the drug. As a person continues doing this, their body build more and more tolerance and the vicious cycle continues.

Xanax is an incredibly addictive drug and has really become popular over the past 35 years. Even small dosages of Xanax can become addicting – the best way to prevent addiction is to take the medication only as prescribed by your doctor and to stay in touch with your doctor regularly regarding any unusual behaviors or symptoms that you experience. Rely on a loving friend or partner to monitor your usage and to check in with you. Staying informed and aware are the best tools for combating addiction – there are many other resources available to help people with preventative care and to help those who are already suffering from addiction.

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