How is Motivational Enhancement Therapy Related to the Stages of Change?

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There are many different forms of treatment available, and both patients and therapists can work together to determine the best method, depending on the individual’s needs and learning style. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) has proven to be very effective for individuals who are resistant to the idea of engaging in treatment and stopping substance use. The stages of change are directly related to MET due to the very nature of why it is needed; individuals who need someone to help them develop their own realizations and personal motivations for seeking help are encouraged to utilize this form of treatment, along with others such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

There are 5 stages of change:

  1. Precontemplation: In this stage, individuals have not yet considered making a change and do not plan to do so. They may be either partly or completely unaware that they have a problem and need to seek help.
  2. Contemplation: As the person learns that a problem exists, they notice causes of concern and that help may be needed. In this stage, the person is still using substances but is considering quitting.
  3. Preparation: The person begins to envision the advantages of change and strengthens their commitment towards recovery. They are likely still using substances, but intend to stop using very soon.
  4. Action: Individuals in this phase choose a strategy for change and begin to make steps towards it. They are making major lifestyle changes and are moving to non-use or safe use. This stage can last approximately 3-6 months.
  5. Maintenance: With this, individuals are working hard to maintain sobriety and guard against risky situations that could trigger them to relapse.

MET ties into the stages of change very easily – it provides individuals feedback regarding their risks, emphasizes personal responsibility for change, provides clear advice in relation to making the change, provides a variety of options for the patient, yields empathy from the therapist while the patient assesses their situations and potential options, and facilitates autonomy in personal decision making. Motivational enhancement therapy considers the phases of change and respects the patient’s decisions. If you are considering seeking treatment, motivational enhancement therapy could be a great option for you.






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