How Do I Ask for Help?

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Admitting we are having a problem and struggling in life is not always easy. We face a lot of challenge in overcoming our pride and ego when it comes to admitting we need help. Asking for help for treating a substance use disorder or getting a hold on a mental health disorder is not failure. In fact, it is a tremendous demonstration of strength and success. To continue living in struggle when there are real life threats to your safety, sanity, and livelihood is a grave mistake. We often find that once we finally get over the fear and ask for help, we wonder why we didn’t ask for it sooner.

First, identify your problem

You might know exactly what it is you need help with. You might not. Substance use disorders are usually obvious- there is a problem with the presence of drugs and alcohol in your life. For mental health disorders, without a diagnosis, it might be more difficult to pinpoint what exactly is going on. You might just know that you are having a difficult time, you don’t feel like yourself, and you feel certain something else is going on. If you can take time to articulate what it is you feel is happening, you’ll be able to communicate it.

Second, decide who to ask

It is possible that there are people in your life who would be unsupportive of your seeking help. Some partners can be enabling, some parents can be vindictive. When we are not in our best health and behavior we can cause a lot of damage to relationships in our lives. For others, it is possible that people closest to you have been waiting for you to finally admit you need support in getting sober or getting well. In such cases you will know who to ask.

Asking for help from someone will be intimidating no matter what. However, the person you choose should be trustworthy, supportive, and accommodating. You might consider a close friend or colleague.

Third, know your options

Jobs, families, marriages, and mortgages, as well as other life circumstances prevent people from seeking treatment everyday. Thankfully, there are various forms and levels of treatment which can support you no matter your lifestyle.

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