How Can I Take Care Of Myself When I’m Feeling Sad?

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Sometimes we don’t understand why we are sad. There is a difference between feeling sad and being diagnosable depressed. The everyday kind of sadness that comes on out of nowhere really come from somewhere we just have to discover it. One of the best ways to do that is through journaling. Set a minimum of fifteen minutes aside to just start writing down your thoughts. You’ll be amazed how quickly your emotions start pouring out and that you are able to gain clarity at what you are feeling. Journaling isn’t guaranteed to make your sadness go away, but it might take some of the pressure off as you lamentingly try to figure out why you feel so sad.

Be Of Service To Another

Sadness can cause us a bit of a pity party. Sitting in self-pity neither helps our sadness nor does any good to anyone else. Helping out a friend in a small or big way does. Instead of focusing on ourselves and our woes, we can put our attention to someone else. Taking the microscope off of our episode of sadness actually reduces it. Additionally, doing good for others is always a trick way to do something good for yourself. You’ll realize there’s more to life than just your experience in it, even when that experience is sad.

Organize Your space

Cleaning your room, organizing your house, or moving furniture around the living room probably sounds like the last thing you would want to do when you are feeling sad. Sadness can feel like standing in the middle of an afternoon rain shower where the drops follow you everywhere you go. Cleaning is a way to shake off the dampness and create something fresh. The critical and creative thinking will overpower your emotional state and help you see that nothing has to stay the same, including your emotional state.

Make Your Body Move

Laying around in bed with the covers pulled up around you like a winter parka probably sounds like a great idea when you’re feeling sad and blue. Moping only makes sadness worse, even though for many “taking it easy” is the answer to emotional distress. Most of the time, such actions only feed the sadness. Try going for a walk, doing some yoga, or having a dance jam in your room. It might be hard to move at first, but once you get your blood pumping you’ll find you’re having fun and the sadness will just disappear.

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