How Can I Become More Stabilized in my Recovery?

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In the beginning of your recovery, stabilization is incredibly important. Many people with addiction experience depression, anxiety, and more as they generally feel a physical and psychological imbalance. The right treatment program is meant to help you regain that balance first through detox, and then through a structured program. Detoxification is the first step and involves the natural cleansing process of your body getting rid of the toxins of addiction. Treatment programs are great for this step because you will have a healthcare team who can closely monitor you and provide you with medication if you are experiencing a lot of discomfort from your withdrawal.

Change can be difficult, but treatment is supposed to help you make the changes necessary to benefit your life. Once you’re in a treatment program, the first step towards stabilization is attending all of your scheduled meetings, therapy sessions, and activities. Even on days that you don’t feel like going – those are likely the days you need to attend the most. In a publication titled, “Treatment Improvement Protocol” by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), several factors were emphasized as ways to promote stabilization in recovery:

  • Building rapport with the healthcare team
  • Understanding the expectations and role of being in a treatment program and what that means for the individual
  • Sharing one’s expectations and concerns and gaining understanding at the beginning of treatment, thus reducing unrealistic hopes
  • Keeping a diary of adverse reactions during recovery and working through them rather than stopping treatment because of them
  • Investigating and resolving barriers to treatment ahead of time
  • Maintaining motivation – for both internal and external reasons – to work in recovery
  • Reaching out for help when it’s needed
  • Undergoing motivational interviewing if the person feels apprehensive about treatment

Psychological distress often occurs when beginning treatment, because you don’t know what to expect, and change is a frightening aspect to contemplate. You may thinking to yourself, “what if I fail?” A lot of people are concerned about their chances of success in recovery, but positivity and determination are what get the most successful people through. Start there.

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