Healthy Coping Skills for When You’re Having a Bad Day 

Healthy Coping Skills for When You’re Having a Bad Day 

We all have them – the days when it feels like the world is falling apart, like we don’t get anything done, like nobody believes in us and we wish we could simply go back to bed. Bad days are unpredictable, and, if we don’t watch closely, we could find ourselves falling into a “rut” in recovery. There will always be ups and downs, especially as we’re learning to find our balance – but part of healing is discovering healthy techniques and coping mechanisms for when these bad days arise.

Writer Joni Edelman, a woman who works on her mental health, shared with the Huffington Post in 2017 her experience with having bad days. She listed some basic questions that she asks herself to promote positive coping skills on these days, such as: 

  •   Have I eaten? Have I had anything to drink?
  •   Can I take a nap?
  •   Is there exercise, yoga, or a gentle form of movement I can do that will help me feel better?
  •   Am I in pain? Are my muscles tensed or relaxed?
  •   Do I have any body image issues? Can I pause to note that this is just a brief moment in time?
  •   Am I comfortable in what I’m wearing or do I need to change?
  •   Is there music I can listen to to help improve my mood?
  •   And more

These are some incredibly well thought-out self-care questions, and, while they may seem simple, they are often topics that we overlook when we’re depressed, sad, anxious or in the middle of a generally bad day.

In addition to these healthy coping mechanisms, you can rely on your support network and therapist to work through any issues you feel may be unresolved. Healing is possible – and while it’s hard, it’s important to employ healthy strategies even on your worst days.

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