Getting Help Before Hitting Bottom

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In the world of recovery, hitting “rock bottom” has become somewhat of a right of passage to get someone struggling with addiction to seriously consider getting help. However, is hitting bottom, or reaching your lowest personal point in addiction, truly a necessary step to precede getting help? The fact is that addiction is easier to treat when treated earlier, so getting help before hurting yourself or others is a much better option before waiting to hit rock bottom.

Rock Bottom: A Dangerous Waiting Game

Having someone struggling with addiction wait to seek treatment until they hit bottom is only setting them up for unnecessary pain and self-destruction. Delaying recovery in this way threatens your resources, relationships, and career opportunities that you still have available when you decide to finally get help, as well as taking a toll on your mental and physical health the more time you wait.

Not everyone has a true bottom to reach until reaching the ultimate bottom for substance abusers, death. What you should be looking for instead of a rock bottom moment are the subtle wake-up calls that are there if you’re paying attention.

How to Use Early Intervention as a Concerned Loved One

Addiction is a spectrum, and beginning treatment sooner rather than later can stop a true dependency from developing. If you see some of the early warning signs of addiction in a loved one, you can step in and state your concern. Choose a time when you are both sober to have an open and honest conversation about their habits surrounding drinking or substance use.

Get others involved, too, if you know that others are noticing it as well. It’s not unlikely that your loved one will not see a problem in their drug or alcohol use, so recommending screening with their physician is another helpful step. That way, they can get an objective view from a professional if they are making healthy choices or should get help.

Hitting the bottom is not a prerequisite to seeking treatment. Instead, choosing to get help sooner makes treatment easier and makes you more likely to have the resources, relationships, and career opportunities available to help you navigate recovery smoother. If you or a loved one are struggling to get or remain sober, call Avalon Malibu. At Avalon Malibu, we offer comprehensive treatment care for both mental health and substance abuse disorders. As one of California’s only primary treatment centers, our ability to provide holistic, personalized, and co-occurring care is unparalleled. Just because you or a loved one haven’t hit bottom yet, doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from treatment. Call us at (844) 857-5992.

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