From Injury to Addicted: The Dangerous Cycle Many Patients Get Into

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From Injury to Addicted: The Dangerous Cycle Many Patients Get Into

Whether you experienced a car accident, an attack or some other painful event, there’s no doubt that injuries take a long time to heal. The psychological wounds left over from traumatic incidents can take a long time, and the physical component of healing can be a treacherous journey. When we experience an injury, we discover that we’re no longer able to do some of the things we used to – and, in many cases, the pain and discomfort can weigh heavily on us. For many Americans, the road to healing from injury is a long, challenging one – especially when certain medications are involved.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published the story of a young woman named Brenda, who went through a car accident on her way to the grocery store. After seeing many doctors and nurses for the injury, she was given prescription medication for pain relief – but after long, she began taking more than she originally intended, and that’s when addiction began to sink in.

She felt lonely and isolated, and was suffering. Everything else took a backseat in her life, including her friends and family. Brenda became addicted to heroin, a point that she never thought she would reach.”

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that while greater screening procedures are in place to help stop people from abusing medications, it still continues to take a heavy toll on people around the world. What originally begins as a opportunity for healing eventually transcends into a need for relief – and, over time, it becomes easier to transition to greater drug use. The longer addiction is active, the greater damage that can occur to a person’s mind, body and spirit; once help is sought, the path towards rejuvenation can take place.

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