Facts About Schizophrenia You Probably Didn’t Know Before


Millions of people across the world are diagnosed with schizophrenia, yet so many people still do not know much about this disorder. Individuals with schizophrenia often experience delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, and negative symptoms such as feeling detached from oneself, general discontentment, anger, anxiety, and more.

Unfortunately, movies and media often depict this disorder as dangerous – but the more we understand how it really affects those we love, the less fear we may feel about it.

1. Schizophrenics Aren’t Always Violent

Certain movies and misconceptions perpetuate the idea that people with schizophrenia are dangerous. You may be surprised to learn that they’re more likely to hurt themselves more than anyone else.

Most schizophrenics are not violent – in fact, they typically prefer to withdraw and be left alone. Some schizophrenics may do dangerous or violent things, often as a result of losing touch with reality or feeling threatened in some way. But schizophrenics are typically a far greater danger to themselves – sadly, suicide is the number-one cause of early death among people with schizophrenia.

2. Having Schizophrenia in the Family Increases Your Chances of Developing the Disorder

Just as with other mental illnesses, having a close family member with schizophrenia increases the likelihood that you will develop the disorder. Genetics can play a major role in not only the development of mental illnesses, but also in temperament, personality traits, and more.

The general population’s risk for schizophrenia is just one percent. Having a first-degree relative (parents, offspring, and siblings) with schizophrenia increases the risk to 10 percent. The risk jumps to 50 percent if both parents have been diagnosed with the disorder.

3. Everyone’s Schizophrenia Experience Is Different

Schizophrenia is a spectrum disorder, meaning that not everyone experiences the same symptoms or the same level of severity. Rather than all people experiencing “regular” schizophrenia, there are actually several types of schizophrenia that fall under this umbrella term. Not everyone is the same – and knowing this can help our society better support the people around them who have this disorder.

Instead of believing that all people with schizophrenia are violent and should not be trusted, we should take the time to understand that schizophrenia involves its own set of symptoms – just like any mental illness – and the individuals who have it deserve love and support as well. In fact, many people with schizophrenia experience anxiety and depression because they feel they have nowhere to turn.

Help Is Available

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