“Dry Drunk”: A Phase in Sobriety

“Dry Drunk”: A Phase in Sobriety

Anger is a natural human emotion, and it’s not always bad; there have been many momentous occasions in which anger has propelled a person to stand up for their rights, to take action against a wrongdoing in the best way possible, or to create something that sparked change in the world. Anger does have a dark, dangerous side, however – and for many people recovering from alcoholism, anger can feel like a festering, infectious tornado that just keeps building and building until something is about to break. This is for many people a beginning phase of sobriety – because while sobriety can bring about increased energy, sharpened mental focus and more, there’s still a major change that the mind, body and spirit are going through – and that’s where “dry drunk” comes into play.

In 2018, Ben Freeland shared his story of struggling with his first year of sobriety. He explained to Medium some of the positives of his first year in sobriety, along with the negatives: “…A sharp contraction in your social life, newfound awkwardness in longstanding relationships with friends and family, and, of course, the rage. The unfettering, unrelenting, oftentimes blinding anger. The kind of rage that makes you want to put your fist through absolutely everything.” Dry Drunk Syndrome”, more clinically called “Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome”, is characterized by many as:

  •    Feeling resentful towards those around us
  •    Having anger and negativity towards recovery
  •    Fear of relapse, along with depression and anxiety
  •    Romanticizing the days when drinking was present
  •    Becoming jealous of friends who don’t have to go through addiction and recovery

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms in recovery, know that you’re not alone – channel the energy you have towards a new hobby, towards eating healthy and working out, towards boosting your brain power and learning as much as you can, and by relying on the support network that you have around you. Sobriety isn’t easy, especially while the mind, body and spirit get used to being without alcohol. You’re much stronger and capable than you think, however – and you have to harness that anger that’s in you and put it towards making yourself stronger than you’ve ever been before.

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