Does Being Bullied In Childhood Have An Effect On Mental Health In Adulthood?

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Being bullied means experiencing some of the cruelest humanity life has to offer. Nothing is okay about bullying or being bullied. The traumatizing effects of bullying can last a lifetime until they are therapeutically confronted and healed. Bullying can create damaging beliefs about the self, self-worth, and self-esteem. Typically, adults who were bullied in childhood and/or adolescence either withdraw entirely from others or become dominating over others.

Your idea of a relationship is loosely defined

You might not have many close friends or people you would consider friends at all. You are friendly with plenty of people, like those you see every day at the store. Even at work, you are relatively recluse. Because you were bullied, you had to learn to be comfortable with just being around yourself. Too often, there isn’t someone there to stand up for you and protect you when you are being bullied. A long lasting impression is made, teaching you that friends can never be counted on or trusted. As a result, you don’t have what many people would call normal friendships or relationships. If you do start to get close to someone you pull away out of fear or at the first sign of criticism. A fear of people, intimacy, and relationships is a sign of struggling mental health. Having healthy loving relationships is essential for a fulfilling and balanced life.

Unfortunately, people who are bullied can often become bullies. When you do enter an intimate relationship or start forming a new friendship, it is possible that you take out some of your bullied past on others. Emotional bullying can be harmful and destructive to you, someone you’re in a relationship with, and the relationship itself.

You opt out of interacting with other people

Anyone can be a bully at any time without knowing it. A simple joke at your expense, a criticism, or a well intentioned comment can trigger old traumas that bullying has left behind. For work, you choose jobs that keep you away from other people and interacting only with data and softwares, rather than anything like customer service. On the other hand, you might find yourself in a position of power. Often, victims of bullying cope by trying to counteract their victimhood as much as possible. Rather than isolate, you work hard to maintain as much control and management over others as possible. In order to rise to power, you might bully others out of your way until you reach the top.

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