Do You Like Bird Watching? You Might Want To Give It A Try

bird watching

A new research study from the University of Exeter reveals that bird watching, in addition to other outdoor activities, can reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Over 270 people were surveyed for the study. “People who live in neighborhoods with birds, shrubs, and trees are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress,” Good News Network explains.

There are benefits for mental health wellbeing if you are able to see birds and natural things outside of your home. Staring out the window at the lovely world isn’t enough, though it is a good start. The study found that “those who spent less time out of doors than usual in the previous week were more likely to report they were anxious or depressed.”

Isolation is a common side effect of both depression and anxiety. People who are living with depression don’t want to have to put forth the energy to interact with people, explain why they’re acting so different, or have to talk about any emotions. Those living with anxiety experience a similar sentiment. Their antisocial tendencies are caused by feeling too overwhelmed and anxious by the idea of being around any number of people, in a social setting, or feeling like they have to perform.

Homes can become comfortable and safe. Most people feel that is what a home should be- a place of security and shelter. However, staying home all the time can be debilitating and worsen the symptoms of mental health disorders. This study is not the first to suggest that being near nature and being able to see nature is helpful to lessening the symptoms of mental illness. It does confirm that getting outside, leaving the comforts of home, and immersing oneself into the beauty of nature is critically important and beneficial.

Ways To Enjoy The Neighborhood

Not everyone can live next door to a park. You can look online to find your county or state’s parks and recreation website to locate all the parks nearby. You might even find just a street corner with a bit of grass and a few planted trees. The research proves that spending time even in that small space, especially if there are birds, will be helpful to mental health.

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