Dealing With Addiction & Mental Illness? – See How It Affects Your Family

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If you are like many people suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, you may also be suffering from a mental health condition. Untreated mental illness often contributes to the cycle of addiction. Many people may try to achieve sobriety without entering treatment only to find that this often exacerbates their mental health conditions.

Our treatment program is designed to incorporate mental health treatment into the addiction treatment program.

Family Fear And Anxiety When Dealing With Addiction But Not Your Mental Illness

Attempting to recover from drug and alcohol addiction without treating underlying mental health conditions can result in a roller coaster effect. Since an addict’s body and brain are not used to abstaining from drugs and alcohol, trying to maintain sobriety on your own and without mental illness treatment can make you suffer from manic episodes or intense depression. These intense mood swings may cause confusion amongst your loved ones.

Our treatment program works to treat the mental illness conditions that fuel your addiction while working to help you achieve lifetime sobriety. Using cognitive behavior therapy, group counseling, and individual counseling along with relaxation techniques and diet, we help our patients live a healthy and happy life without drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Causes Disconnection With Partner

Drug and alcohol addiction may cause you and your partner to feel disconnected. You may find yourself feeling as though you have nothing in common with them. These feelings may lead you to turn to pornography, prostitutes, and even another partner. These behaviors may lead to the disintegration of your marriage, leaving children feeling as though it is their fault.

Seeking the help you need to overcome addiction can help change your pattern of behaviors. Our program offers family counseling sessions designed to educate your loved ones and strengthen your relationship with them. Having a family support system during your recovery can help you transition into sobriety.

Ongoing Conflict And Violence When Suffering From Mental Illness And Addiction

Many people who suffer from mental illness and addiction have ongoing conflict in their homes. Whether the conflict is with your spouse or your children, the constant struggle to maintain a family and control your addiction may become too much. Children have a difficult time respecting parents who are not fully involved in the activities of daily life and spouses may become angry over your absence. If your addiction has contributed to financial instability in your home or any other touchy subject, the arguments may become physical.

During our mental health treatment program in CA, you will learn appropriate and healthy ways to handle the stress of daily life through a variety of therapy sessions. We will help to mend damaged relationships between yourself and your loved ones and teach them how to be the ultimate support system in your recovery.

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