Changing the Way You Respond to Stress

Changing the Way You Respond to Stress

Stress can cause you to act in ways that are reactive, leading to deeper states of stress. Understanding how stress impacts your life and learning how to respond to it differently is how you begin to lower the amount of stress you experience.

What Is Stress?

Stress is a normal part of being human and is needed to cultivate change and confidence within yourself. However, when your Window of Tolerance for stressful situations begins to tip, stress can start to negatively impact your emotional, physical, cognitive, and relational well-being.

Do You Over or Under-Function?

Do you “over-function” and speed up, rather than slow down, when stress is running high? Or, do you under-function, meaning you begin to slow down in ways that do not actually lead to a reduction of stress?

As a comparative example, experiencing heavy states of anxiety in stress is a sign of over-functioning, while depression is a sign of under-functioning in response to stress.

However, many individuals experience a mix of anxiety and depression, as they are two sides of the same coin. Regardless, both over-functioning and under-functioning are ways you may avoid and numb yourself from stress.

Know Your Triggers

Having an awareness of your triggers for stress is important to begin shifting how you respond to stress. For instance, maybe having weeks on end that are fully booked without any downtime leads to stress.

Perhaps, stress is caused by uncertainty, your thoughts, perfectionism, or a lack of setting boundaries with others in your life. Ask yourself what causes you stress. Everyone can tolerate different levels of stress, and knowing what you can tolerate is essential in mitigating chronic stress.

Do the Opposite

Doing the opposite means changing the way you typically respond to stress. For example, instead of continuing to book your calendar when you know that you need time off, do the opposite and schedule time for rest, even if it is uncomfortable at first. Additionally, if you typically respond to conflict by under-functioning and resisting to deal with conflict, doing the opposite could include having a hard conversation.

To bring more ease, balance, and peace into your life, you must do what you feel most resistant to in moments of stress. This is how you can begin to shift patterns and programs that have historically led to chronic stress in the first place.

Stress is an expected part of being human and is needed to reach the goals you have for yourself in recovery and life. However, stress can easily manifest in unhealthy levels when it’s avoided or responded to with poor coping skills. At Avalon Malibu, our team of professionals is here to support you as you learn new ways of dealing with stress. At our luxury treatment facility, you will also be in a supportive environment and among peers. To learn more about holistic treatment options, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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