Chakra Meditation For the Soul

The word Chakra in Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “cycle.” In regards to yoga, chakras are energy wheels that belong to the subtle spiritual body and forms the connection to the material one. The seven chakras are found along the spine and go from the sacrum to the head’s crown.

The 7 different chakras are:

  • The Root Chakra
  • The Sacral Chakra
  • The Heart Chakra
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra
  • The Throat Chakra
  • The Third-Eye Chakra

The Crown Chakra

Of course, each one has its’ own personal purpose and functionality. The root chakra is in charge of your primary and foundation needs. You can open up this chakra by grounding your feet outside on the grass and focusing on your feet while breathing.

The sacral chakra is in charge of sexual energy, passion, and pleasure. It is in charge of connection to others and acceptance of change. This chakra is best opened up by using crystal allies, visualizations, and focusing on the center of this energy.

The heart chakra relates to your emotions. Specific yoga poses like warrior two or flows can help open this chakra. It is practiced by sitting still and expressing what you are grateful for.

The solar plexus chakra controls your self-confidence. To balance it, sit outside, preferably in the open air, and regulate your breathing as you go through what your day will look like.

The throat chakra is your ability to speak up or honor your truth. Essential oils and crystals can help balance this chakra by placing them at the base of your throat while lying down.

The third-eye chakra is your intuition. Mindful meditation helps open this chakra up and relieves fear.

The crown chakra is the pathway to increased consciousness. The best way to balance this is through intentional meditation.

Balancing Them in Unison

If you want a meditation that balances all seven, there are a few things you can do. The first is going out into nature and spending time there. Then practice your creative visualization by envisioning things that make you happy. Breathe deeply and feel them with intent. Use candles, crystals, or essential oils of specific colors to the chakras. Last but not least, practice gratitude, done in or out of meditation.

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