A New Understanding of Mental Illness

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A New Understanding of Mental Illness

Video games have become more popular over the years. In the late 90s, most children and teenagers enjoyed the escape of entertainment in the form of Donkey Kong and Street Fighter. For a long time, the targeted demographic of video games were boys or young males.

That has changed drastically over the years. There have been video games developed that are based on hobbies like fishing or fashion. There are video games based on television shows or movies. There are video games that simulate worlds or virtual reality.

In recent years, a new style has been introduced: video games aimed at understanding mental illness or developmental disorders. This transition has been a positive net gain for people playing them.

New technologies

Not only is the targeted audience to video games expanding, so is the latest technology being used. With modern technology, video game developers can weave intricate storylines and lifelike visuals into their combat or puzzle-like games.


Video games can create a change in our outlook on mental disorders. With this newfound idea, we can spread more knowledge to people who may not understand. We could attempt to completely transform people’s perception of specific mental disorders like substance use disorder. Where most people do not believe it is a disorder and still think sinks are a choice.

Another positive that can come out of this is how we can learn from it. These games can be used at home or in schools to showcase what children may be experiencing when they don’t even know it. A high percentage of kids don’t know that experiencing anxiety and depression is not common.

As they grow older, depressive symptoms may not be adequately acknowledged, which can cause the child to feel isolated and different. Kids are intelligent and absorb everything. If they notice a change in someone else, they will have a snap judgment of what is going on.

The hope of introducing these video games to school systems is that kids can interact and learn intensely. With the help of video game developers, these mental disorders can be reduced or understood more in-depth.

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