6 Types of Massage Therapy That’ll Help You Find Balance

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6 Types of Massage Therapy That’ll Help You Find Balance

Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain or you just have a lot of stress and anxiety as you navigate this journey to recovery, massage therapy can be extremely beneficial for you – in more ways than one. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) states that addiction causes harm to the body, mind and spirit – and the ramifications mean that a lot of different types of therapy should be involved. Maureen Schwehr, a naturopathic physician in Arizona, explained, “The spirit is who we really are. Our mind is our thinking brain, and our body houses this. If you’re [a person who is actively in addiction] you often have to ignore your body, because you are, in essence, hurting your ‘house’.”

The body loses vital nutrients when active addiction is involved, and after detoxification occurs, individuals may experience more aches and pains than they’re used to. No matter what the drug of choice is – it all has significant impact on brain and body functioning, which will take some time to heal. If you’re ready to dive into some holistic practices – such as massage therapy – consider the following 6 types that could provide you with many benefits:

  •    Swedish massage – long, sweeping strokes across the body at different levels help improve oxygen flow throughout the body
  •    Remedial massage – mainly used for muscle and tissue injury, this type of massage can also help strengthen certain body functions for people with illnesses
  •    Deep tissue massage – deep manipulation of muscle tissue can break up some of the areas where muscles have contracted (often a source of pain and tension)
  •    Sports massage – a method to loosen up muscle tissue throughout the body, this type of massage can also help prevent muscle strains
  •    Thai massage – gentle stretching and pressure is used while also enhancing flexibility and relieving some of the stress that’s been building over time
  •    Hot stone massage – a more meditative-style of massage, this approach uses heated rocks placed on specific points of the body to help open up energy pathways

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