4 Sample Responses You can use When People Offer You Alcohol at Holiday Events

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The holidays are often filled with family, friends, food, games, and more. While spending time with friends and family can be fun, it can also easily get out of hand. Many people drink during the holidays to celebrate, relieve stress, socialize and more; this habit of thinking also causes people to spend too much, argue more, get in accidents, become more stressed or anxious, and not have real conversations with each other. Perhaps you are in recovery or are simply trying to cut down on drinking. No matter the case, it can be difficult to manage our original goal of sobriety during the holidays when our loved ones are indulging and want us to partake in the drinking festivities as well. Here are four nice (and effective!) ways of denying alcohol at holiday events:

  1. “No thanks, I’ve already got a drink.” You could already have a non-alcoholic drink made – sprite, a mocktail, coke, you name it – already having a drink is a straightforward way to tell someone no while also showing that you’re all set. Plus, most people aren’t hyper-focused on what each person is drinking, so it’s likely they won’t even notice.
  2. “I have some work to do later, so no drinking for me tonight.” Most people can’t argue with someone who has responsibilities, because everyone’s been there. Letting the person politely know that you have things you have to do, even if it just involves driving home and making sure the pets are taken care of – is enough to provide justified reason while not getting too pressed about the topic.
  3. “Not right now, but maybe later.” Even if you don’t plan on drinking later, it’s a safe tactic that you can use to move on to a different topic. While you may have fear of being judged, most people are too preoccupied with themselves to even notice your slight deception.
  4. “No thanks, but do you have Sprite? I could use the caffeine.” Substituting an alcoholic drink for something is a wonderful way to still “accept” the invitation while changing it up.

Always remember that you do not have to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing, and you should not compromise your goals of sobriety for the holidays just to “please” others. Your life and your health are important!

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