3 Self-Care Tips You Can Use This Valentine’s Day

3 Self-Care Tips You Can Use This Valentine’s Day

Self-care has been quite the buzzword lately, but it’s nonetheless important because all too often, we forget to take care of ourselves on the most basic of levels. We stress, worry, ruminate, and meanwhile forget to feed our mind and bodies nutritious food, practice sleep hygiene, exercise and so much more. Valentine’s Day can be a particularly difficult holiday to get through while in addiction recovery because of the societal expectations to drink, celebrate, and indulge in romance with a significant other.

If you’re in recovery this holiday season, remember that your self-care is of utmost importance. In reality, Valentine’s Day is just like any other day – and you can use this day to engage in self-care activities that are most beneficial for your mind, body and spirit.

  1.     Treat Yourself Kindly

In 2017, Forbes Magazine noted that self-care is about knowing your self-worth and doing things that uplift your confidence. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious on Valentine’s Day, avoid emotional eating – instead, take a stand for your mental health and write about how you feel in a journal, exercise, or call up a dear friend who supports your recovery.

  1.     Relax

Some of the best dates that you can have are with yourself! Start up a bubble bath, read a good book, and get comfy this holiday season. Elite Daily even suggests downloading a meditation app to help you tune in to the present moment.

  1.     Do Something Creative

Whether it’s writing a poem, journaling, singing to your favorite song, or cooking a new recipe, stimulate your mind with some healthy creative activities. Not only will it help you to do something on Valentine’s Day, but you may also develop your new favorite hobby out of it – and it could be the start of a beautiful self-care ritual.

Just as you’re practicing self-care, remember you’re not alone. There are so many people who are single, who are dating someone and who have lost their loved one around the holidays, and the best that you can do this Valentine’s Day is to practice self-love. You deserve it.

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