3 Parts of the Recovery Program

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3 Parts of the Recovery Program

It is said that there are three parts to the recovery program. That is the recovery part, service aspect, and the unity portion of the program. These three parts of the program are what is said to be the “recipe” for success in long term sobriety. When you first get sober, the program of recovery itself can be confusing. If it is your first time trying to get sober you may be wondering to yourself what are the steps, or what does a sponsor do?


The first important piece to the recovery program puzzle is the recovery side. The recovery side entails the “12 steps” specifically. It includes going to 12 step meetings and getting a sponsor. However, the main objective of this is to do your 12 steps. When you first see those steps you may be thinking how exactly do you do them? Some seem tangible while others seem a little far out. It is necessary to go through these steps with a person who has already gone through them, which is where a sponsor comes in.

A sponsor is useful when you run into situations you are unsure of how to handle. It is not the job of a sponsor to dictate your life or tell you what to do, they are simply there to guide you through the recovery process. The steps are a crucial part of staying sober long term and they are necessary.


It is said that living an altruistic lifestyle Is necessary to combat our natural selfish nature. Because of this it is imperative to do things for other people and have what are called service commitments at 12 step meetings. These commitments range from making coffee for the meeting to greeting people at the door before the meeting starts.

Our natural disposition is to think about ourselves, however, when we get sober we need to start thinking about other people. Specifically how our actions can affect and impact others. Once we focus on other people and how to be helpful, we realize that we feel better because of it as well.


The unity side of the program is the We part. In the steps it mentions we quite a bit. This program is not a program we can do all by ourselves. We must have other people alongside us that are striving towards success in sobriety. It is a fellowship that helps us feel like we are not alone in our disorder and we have people to lean on. We then make lifelong friends because of it.

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