What You Need to Know About Narcissism

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What You Need to Know About Narcissism

Narcissism doesn’t have the best reputation. When people talk about this term, they tend to associate it with the idea of someone being completely self-absorbed or self-focused, displaying little regard for others. While one form of narcissism may present this Read More ›

Is Narcissism Bad For You?

man looking himself in mirror

When the word “narcissism” comes to play in conversations, most people immediately think of someone who acts self-entitled, unempathetic, and manipulative. While this can be one type of narcissism, what many people don’t realize is that narcissism is a spectrum Read More ›

Narcissism Answered In One Question

ego narcissism disorder

Narcissism isn’t always a bad thing. Some of the common character traits associated with narcissism can be a plus, helping people to become leaders, become successful, and act with confidence. For example, high self-esteem, faith in one’s abilities, and a Read More ›

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