Why Drunk Texting is a Call for Help

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How Much is Addiction Costing Us?

addiction costs

Most of us are familiar with the daily effects that addiction has on our lives; work trouble, relationship problems, home life issues, and emotional/physical changes are all typically negatively impacted by addiction. Addiction has destroyed trust and connection, stolen kindness Read More ›

Do You Understand Alcoholism?

alcoholism addiction

Many people don’t. Alcoholism, or alcohol use disorder, is a complex brain issue in which the mind and the body become dependent upon alcohol. Confusion, shame, and stigma make understanding alcoholism difficult. Would someone choose to become dependent upon alcohol? Read More ›

How Does Alcohol Abuse Affect The Body

depressed girl drinking alcohol

Alcohol is not a liquid which goes into our bodies and then just leaves. People are not commonly mindful of how what they put in their body actually affects their body. Here are some of the ways alcohol abuse can Read More ›

The Detrimental Impact of Process Addictions

Close up of a person in a hoodie using a game controller

When mentioning “addiction,” you may think of a dependence on drugs or alcohol – the addictive substances that can greatly impact an individual’s health and daily life. However, the definition of addiction is much broader, encompassing more than drinking or Read More ›

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