Why do Many Celebrities Become Addicted?

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Amy Winehouse

Celebrities serve as key figures in the public eye – most people are watching their every move. When a celebrity becomes addicted to something, many people do not learn of this addiction until later. In recent past, we have seen famous people such as Amy Winehouse, Charlie Sheen, Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey Jr., and more fall into addiction and even worse – death. What most people tend to think is, ‘How can these celebrities do this? They make so much money, they are so famous – they have everything they could ever want!’ Contrary to widespread belief, celebrities have different influences and factors that lead them to addiction.

John Tsilimparis told the Huffington Post in 2013 that many celebrities are “under watch” 24/7, and trying to maintain a “perfect” image and keep up their success may prove too much to handle. Thus, many stars turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the overwhelming amount of pressure they are experiencing. ABC News notes that drugs often allow people to escape their reality or deal with the high demand and stress that many celebrities face. Many people that work and befriend celebrities also encourage them to use – Fox News reported that some club owners will even “pay” celebrities with drugs to entice them to check out their venue.

Parties are a common aspect of celebrity life, and with many people wanting to be friends with a celebrity, they often get what they want. In addition, celebrities who are in the acting world often get injured on set; to recover as quickly as possible, they may be given painkillers. With the current opioid epidemic that we are facing today, this can easily become an addiction. Alcohol Rehab claims that many celebrities have been using drugs since before they became famous, and many of them are considered high-functioning.

Kirsten McGuiness wrote an article for the Huffington Post explaining that people with a high functioning addiction set limits for themselves but inevitably go over them. Celebrities who are high-functioning may appear to be happy, healthy, and successful but may be harboring an addiction secret. Just because a celebrity can maintain their home and family for the meantime, however, doesn’t mean they’re safe. As a person becomes more dependent on their addiction, it slowly begins to take over their lives – even if that first sign is their appearance, or if they slowly start failing to meet their obligations.





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