What is Valentine’s Day Really Supposed to be About?

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The National Retail Foundation, as explained by ABC News, has stated that Valentine’s Day is expected to reel in about $18.2 billion. This equals to an average of $136.57 per person each year on Valentine’s Day candy, cards, flowers, and more. Jewelry is a very common gift, and sources say 20% of consumers are expected to buy jewelry, measuring up to $4.3 billion. Two hundred and fifty roses are produced each year for Valentine’s Day, and approximately 190 million greeting cards are sent out each year.

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for those in recovery for a few reasons: 1) the pressure to be in a relationship even if the person is focusing on their recovery, 2) the pressure to buy gifts, which many people in recovery can’t afford, and 3) the pressure to celebrate through drinking, which many in recovery are working against. The additional stress of deciding and finding the “perfect gift” can leave many stressed, anxious, and depressed; there’s no question that Valentine’s Day brings in a lot of money, gifts, and pressure, but is this what it’s all about?

If Valentine’s Day feels too forced or overly consumeristic, change your perception of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about. History dating back to about 269 C.E. shows that St. Valentine was killed, confused with other people, and removed from the General Roman Calendar, according to The Guardian. Folklore surrounding Valentine’s Day is quite brutal, but society has taken pieces of the story to fabricate a consumerist story and whether you choose to abide by this is completely up to you.

Whether you’re in recovery or not, decide for yourself what Valentine’s Day means to you. Is it a day for self-love and self-care, or is it a day for you to appreciate those in your life? Is it a magical day for you to spend with your significant other, or is it just another day? If you decide that it’s just another day, there’s nothing wrong with that. Many single people and couples hold the belief that love should be celebrated every day of the year, and Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to validate that.





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