What can I expect at a residential treatment facility?

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For people who are beginning their journey to recovery, treatment may seem daunting. With several options available, such as in-patient (residential) treatment, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, and others, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed. A common concern for those considering residential treatment is what they can expect – the anxiety of a new beginning can create fear and worry. Luckily, residential treatment means that you will be taken care of by a dedicated health care team that will be there for you 24/7. Bradford Health Services, American Residential Treatment Association, and Rehab International have indicated several wonderful components that you can expect while you are in residential treatment:

  • Structure: You will have a strict routine that you will follow every day. While this may seem scary, it’s for your benefit. The structure of the program is there to help you get healthier and helps reduce “down time” where you may experience cravings.
  • Community: Partaking in residential treatment means that you will be surrounding by people who want to help you succeed as well as peers who are also working towards their recovery. This could greatly enhance your support system and give you others to talk to.
  • Removal of Negative Influences: Due to the structure in residential treatment, outside influencers are unlikely to tempt you simply because they are not allowed.
  • Medical Supervision: If you require medication for withdrawal purposes, you will have a team that will check on you day and night to make sure you are taken care of.
  • Focus: Unlike outpatient treatment, residential treatment allows you to focus strictly on yourself and your recovery without any other worries or obligations.
  • Nutritional assistance: Aimed to support your recovery, you will be provided food that will be nutritious and healthy for you.
  • Variety of therapeutic resources: Many residential facilities offer options such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, exercise programs, and more to help you find a creative outlet and help you connect with yourself.
  • Higher quality of life: Being in a residential facility means that you will have everything you need – support, guidance, medication (if needed), nutrition, and a lot of resources that will help you to grow and become stronger.

Although residential treatment facilities may be intimidating, they provide so many benefits and can help you in so many ways. Utilizing in-patient treatment means that you will have access to all the resources and support that you need. You won’t have to worry about temptations or outside influencers, because the structure provided will ensure you are busy and doing activities that support your recovery. Speak with a health care professional today to learn more about the right residential treatment facility for you.




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