What are Some Games that People in Substance Abuse Recovery Can Play?

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Previous research has shown that engagement in activities can benefit one’s recovery; meaningful activities, as stated in a 2009 study published in the Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, are typically expressed as “pursuits that allow a person to grow in connection, confidence, and contribution through development of skills, education, vocation, or relationships.” Games during recovery can be a great way to connect with others, focus on living in the present moment, and rationalize steps towards becoming a better version of ourselves. The following are some excellent games that can be played that incorporate all these things:


  • Recovery Bingo – there are several key elements that this game allows individuals to build on: active steps in a recovery plan, areas for further self-inventory, identifying support and enabling people in one’s life, warning signs of relapse, and catch-phrases that can motivate recovery.
  • Recovery the Board Game – designed by 2 people in recovery, with one being Mark Lundholm, a professional comedian, this game provides a comical game board where players draw cards and play to survive an addiction, alcoholism, codependency, and more. If you make it through, you win!
  • Self-Reflection Cards – these provide questions that can spark insight into a person’s beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors, and how those things are affecting a person and their recovery.
  • Sober Cards – individuals can use this to pick a “card of the day” or can create it into a card game – either way, the cards host many motivational phrases that can inspire anyone in recovery.
  • 100 Interactive Questions – like the self-reflection cards, these provide a variety of questions related to mental health, substance abuse recovery, and survival skills. The cards can be used alone or with a book that accompanies it.


These are games that can be played at home, in a recovery treatment center, or to be given as a gift. Games are a great way to learn more about yourself and spark interesting thoughts on topics you may not have considered. Making some of these games a part of your weekly activities could help boost your motivation and inspire you to make healthy choices throughout your journey to recovery.





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