What are Sober Living Homes?

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Many people who have recently completed long-term, residential treatment programs are unsure of what step they should take next. The right treatment center should provide after-care support to help them decide what plan will best suit their needs, and some may choose to enter a sober living home. Sober living homes are living environments for individuals who want to abstain from alcohol and drugs. Many who seek out sober living homes have been in treatment, but you can also enter one without having recently exited a residential treatment facility.

Sober living homes are not housed by the government, and individuals who live there must pay costs just like others in apartments and homes. A 2010 study conducted by researchers from California found that individuals who lived in sober living homes found 12-step meetings and social support to boost their motivation of abstinence within the community. Sober living communities provide an adequate transition for those looking to gain more independence in their sobriety. Often, sober living homes are located in an area that doesn’t promote addictive behaviors or triggers that could lead towards them.

With sober living homes, most residents share a sort of “dorm room” with another resident and they have a “house manager”, someone whom they can reach out to should they need any assistance. The sober living home may also offer an opportunity to live in a less restrictive form of housing, such as sharing a house with a roommate. The following are expectations that most sober living homes expect residents to uphold:

  • No drinking alcohol
  • No taking drugs
  • Cigarette smoking must be done in designated areas
  • No sexual contact with other residents is allowed
  • Program fees must be paid on time
  • No stealing
  • No violence or destruction to property
  • Must be actively engaged in self-directed residential recovery program activities

Most sober living homes have a zero-tolerance policy. If you are about to exit your treatment program and are considering transitioning to a sober living home, speak with someone at your current program today for more information and recommendations. Residential treatment programs are specifically beneficial for those who are not yet ready to take on the independency that is allowed at sober living homes.






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