Tune Into Peace Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Tune Into Peace Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy often integrated into treatment plans for addiction and mental illness. When it comes to healing, talk therapy helps individuals shift old thought patterns, break out of addiction, and begin living life in alignment with their values. 

What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

DBT is one among many talk therapies that is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The main goal of DBT is to help individuals shift maladaptive thought patterns that drive behaviors that hinder their healing progress. These thought patterns perpetuate poor decision-making, low moods, and addiction.

How Does DBT Work?

DBT emphasizes the power of the wise mind. This is a concept where the power of both the logical and emotional minds come together to regulate emotions and begin making value-driven decisions.

Those experiencing mental illness and addiction often find it hard to make decisions without cognitive distortions, anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors interfering. DBT can help these individuals discover their authentic voice and begin listening to it. Doing so helps them cultivate more peace in their lives while coping with their feelings more healthily.

Anchoring Into Mindfulness

Moving through the process of DBT with a therapist also helps individuals cultivate more mindfulness. Mindfulness helps one to be fully present in a given moment. Exploring connections between one’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior, while learning how to relate to others, will reduce feelings of stress and encourage greater awareness of the present moment.

Healing from mental illness and addiction means letting go of beliefs, habits, and patterns that no longer bring health and balance to one’s life. It can be difficult to challenge old belief systems, form healthy relationships, and break old patterns without support. Luckily, this is why treatment and DBT exist. They help guide recovering individuals to live life in a way that feels authentic to them.

Talk therapy is not the whole of treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental illness, but is an integral part of it. Forms of psychotherapy such as DBT help you begin to shift limiting beliefs, break cycles of addiction, and experience holistic wellness. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how challenging this can be to do alone and are here to help you make your journey feel less overwhelming. From the moment you pick up the phone to hear your treatment options all the way through discharge and aftercare, we are here to support you. Call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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