The Most Common Phobias Are The Most Common Fears










Phobias are rooted in fear, as is the anxiety they are associated with. If you struggle with one of these phobias, you are not alone.

Fear Of Public Speaking

Often, the phobia of public speaking is a part of social anxiety disorder. Having intense fears about being humiliated, judged, or criticized, the mind and the body react in adverse ways. Many people, even seasoned speakers, experience a small bit of the jitters before public speaking. Sweating palms, butterflies in the stomach, racing heart beat, even distraction are all common reactions. A distinct fear of public speaking could get in the way of someone’s opportunity to make advances in their career or speak up for themselves in social situations.

Fear Of Flying In Airplanes

Airplanes are the technology which have bridged the world. A few hours in an airplane can displace someone thousands of miles. Airplane crashes happen so irregularly that fearing them is irrational. However, for someone with a phobia of flying, the possibilities of something go wrong can be too overwhelming to cope with. Typically, those with a fear of flying turn to drugs and alcohol to cope as they get on a plane. Sadly, some avoid flying at all, going only to places they can drive or arrive at by other means of transportation.

Fear Of Heights

A commonly described dream is finding oneself at the top of a building or other tall structure of some kind. Then, they fall, waking themselves up with their screams, typically sweating. Fear of heights does not have the same impact other phobias can have which get in the way of life. If a fear of heights is severe, it might prevent people from going in elevators, being able to reach certain offices, or make it to the apartment of a friend.

Fear Of Small Spaces

Claustrophobia is one of the most common phobias in which people have a fear of confinement. Developing a fear of small spaces can come from a literal place, like being kept in a small space for an extended period of time, which resulted in trauma. It can also come from emotional confinement, like being stuck in toxic and abusive relationships. Being in elevators or small spaces full of people can trigger anxiety of feeling trapped, running out of air, or not being able to make it out of the space.

Fear Of Spiders

Arachnophobia goes beyond a simple fear of spiders. Spiders can be scary and in some cases dangerously poisonous. Typically, a phobia of spiders is not just fearing spiders when they are present, but fearing spiders will be present. Any suspicion that there might be a spider can set off anxious reactions.


If you are living with a phobia or anxiety which is getting in the way of being able to live a normal and healthy life, treatment is available. Avalon By The Sea offers specialized anxiety care to clients with phobias. For a confidential assessment and information on our primary mental health residential treatment programs, call us today at 888-958-7511.

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