The Importance of Unlearning Cognitive Distortions

The Importance Of Unlearning Cognitive Distortions

Frequent cognitive distortions can increase an individual’s risk of experiencing certain complications. Not many individuals understand what cognitive distortions are. It is important to learn to identify the different types of cognitive distortions to effectively unlearn them. The mental health team at Avalon Malibu works closely with their clients to improve their overall well-being. Many clients at Avalon Malibu have gained strength through conflict from participating in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). 

What Are Cognitive Distortions?

According to Europe’s Journal of Psychology (EJOP), cognitive distortions can be defined by negative, indecisive thoughts. If cognitive distortions are reinforced, this way of thinking is often theorized to cause vulnerability factors such as dysphoria, depression, and anxiety. 

Those with cognitive distortions may jump quickly to conclusions or predict a negative outcome before following through with an event. This can often lead to emotional and behavioral responses. A negative response is very unattractive, as bad energy can quickly alter another person’s mood. An individual’s abrupt thoughts may stay consistent with their primary beliefs regarding significant aspects of themselves, other people, and the world around them. If a distorted way of thinking persists, major depression symptoms remain. 

Different Types of Cognitive Distortions

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), cognitive distortions impact subsequent psychological distress. There are many different types of cognitive distortions an individual may experience. Ten most common depressotypic thinking errors (cognitive distortions) typically include: 

  • Mindreading: Making quick assumptions about how someone else feels
  • Catastrophizing: Making negative predictions of the future
  • All-or-nothing thinking: Not considering the entire spectrum
  • Emotional reasoning: Believing something is true based on an emotional response instead of objective evidence
  • Labeling: Thinking poorly of oneself after an adverse event occurs
  • Mental filtering: Focusing on negative information and devaluing the positive details
  • Overgeneralization: After one bad event happens, one may assume more bad will events will occur
  • Personalization: Assuming oneself is the cause of the event
  • Should statements: Assuming that certain things should be done in a specific way
  • Minimizing and disqualifying the positive: Dismissing the good things that have happened

Why Is It Important to Unlearn Cognitive Distortions?

Cognitive distortions can negatively impair healthy relationships with loved ones, worsen an individual’s mental health, and affect their behavior and overall mood. It can be difficult to keep long-standing friendships as well. Negative thoughts are believed to attract negative experiences. Psychological dysfunction, distress, or poor interpersonal functioning can all result from recurrent cognitive distortions. 

Different Strategies to Challenge Negative Thoughts

Many adults feel overwhelmed by persistent daily stressors. With all that life throws at us, it can be difficult to positively respond to certain events. Cognitive distortions can negatively interfere with an adult’s work performance, marriage, and parenting role. Knowing cognitive distortions can wreak havoc on an individual’s life, it can be helpful for one to practice a multitude of strategies to promote a more positive way of thinking. Helpful strategies include: 

  • Start and end each day with gratitude
  • Surround oneself with positive individuals
  • Focus on one’s strengths
  • Practice self-care

How Can Avalon Malibu Help One Unlearn Cognitive Distortions?

For those who are facing challenges with cognitive distortions, surrendering to professional care can significantly improve one’s mental health. CBT helps individuals respond to negative thoughts for what they are in order to identify the negative distortion and then appropriately act to address it. 

CBT at Avalon Malibu can teach an individual certain techniques to cope with their emotional concerns. It is a structured goal-oriented psychotherapy that works to help individuals with cognitive distortions replace negative feelings with more positive thoughts. 

Exploring Complementary Holistic Services for Enhanced Progress

Positive thoughts increase motivation, leading to a more successful future. Avalon Malibu understands that not everyone responds to the same treatment in the same way. Happiness is a critical component of an individual’s life. This is why their luxury mental health facility provides their clients with plenty of treatment options to choose from. 

Their clients have gained many advantages from developing an individualized treatment plan with a specialist at Avalon Malibu. This is where the professional works closely with their client to get to know their interests, strengths, and weaknesses to better tailor their services to their needs. Combining self-help strategies with the preferred treatment method can help one unlearn cognitive distortions. Other holistic services to aid in cognitive clarity include: 

  • Writing therapy: Helps one reduce stress for increased happiness

  • Art therapy: Helps one express their emotions effectively

  • Stages of change: Helps one achieve ordinary happiness in everyday living

  • Physical fitness: Helps increase serotonin and endorphin levels for a boosted mood

  • Yoga: Promotes both physical and mental health for a healthier well-being

  • Seasonal activities: Aqua swimming or ropes can be a great option for building healthy relationships

  • Couples and family therapy: Helps improve relationships with loved ones that have been impaired by cognitive distortions

It wasn’t very long ago that conventional Western medicine was, by and large, ignorant of the benefits of a holistic approach to treating both physical and emotional issues. Fortunately, today’s medical and psychological practitioners have learned to embrace a wide range of approaches to addiction and other disorders. Struggling with a mental health disorder can leave you feeling as though you are the only one experiencing certain symptoms. At Avalon Malibu, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Mental health disorders affect adults and children of all ages, and their onset can significantly impact mood, relationships, and ways of thinking. Call us at (844) 857-5992 for professional support. 

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