Supporting a Loved One Through Addiction Recovery

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Supporting a Loved One Through Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can be challenging and complicated. While going through addiction recovery yourself is undoubtedly difficult, it can also be challenging to adequately support a loved one who’s choosing sobriety. Let’s go over some of the ways that you can be there for someone who’s in addiction recovery.

Set Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is an excellent way to make sure everyone’s on the same page regarding how you can and cannot help. Having an open and honest discussion about what both you and your loved one feel comfortable with is essential.

Spend time thinking about healthy boundaries. This is a great way to set your relationship up for success in the future. Setting and holding boundaries can be difficult, but it’s worth it. Creating boundaries allows for reasonable expectations and clear communication.

Stay Knowledgeable

Educating yourself about recovery is an essential step. Learning about the addiction recovery process, as well as speaking with people who have gone through it, is an excellent way to practice empathy and compassion toward your loved one and their journey. Having a comprehensive view of the addiction recovery process will also provide you with a high level of support and understanding. There are so many great resources you can check out to learn more about substance use and the recovery process.

Supporting Yourself Supports Them

Being part of someone’s support system through addiction recovery can be emotionally challenging. Getting support for yourself is important to ensure you’re also taking care of yourself. Meeting with a therapist to talk is a great way to share your feelings, process situations, and get practical advice.

If you’re looking to start psychotherapy, consider finding a professional that specializes in substance use or dealing with substance use issues. This is another great way that you can learn about addiction recovery and get advice specific to your situation. At Avalon Malibu, we strongly believe in the importance of psychotherapy and its benefits.

If someone close to you is dealing with addiction, it can be difficult to know how to properly support them and encourage their recovery. Speaking with a mental health professional is a great way to learn about what treatment options are out there and find the best ways to support your loved one. If you’re ready to speak with a professional, you can reach a member of our team by calling (844) 857-5992. We’re here to learn more about your situation and provide you with information about our services.

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