Spiritual Tools for Recovery

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While trying to recover from your addiction, it is important to use all of the resources you can find- including spiritual resources. You do not have to be religious in order to partake in these rituals. You just have to find your faith in a place differently than where you have visited before. Spiritual tools advocate inner peace and help you feel larger than yourself. Your emotions will be controlled and can help you deal with the average ups and downs of everyday life. An inner strength could be discovered that you may not have known that you had. Making use of these spiritual tools involves you to keep your mind opened and be at one with yourself.

One spiritual tool you could use is daily prayer to help make sense of the disorderly world we live in. Prayer will help you discover where your joy comes from as well as being thankful for what you have. You would be able to find guidance, strength, and wisdom from a Higher Power and express good wishes to your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and strangers. It also helps to read from spiritual texts of your choice every day. There are spiritual books of different religions you could read as well as ones from spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, or Pope Francis. This may inspire you to find your faith by learning how these leaders found theirs.

Another spiritual tool is meditation which could end up being frustrating for the first time but if you keep an open mind, it can end up being very rewarding. Feelings of serenity, clarity, and peace can follow you on your walks of life. Meditation can even cause physical changes in your brain to increase creativity, relieve stress, improve mental focus, boost compassion and strengthen memory.

This also could be a good time to revisit and rethink your faith by joining or rejoining a place of worship. You can find religious groups that appeal to you and give you a new outlook on life. This will allow you to become more social with those around you as well as nurture your soul. Yoga is another great way to empower your soul as you will learn to deal with uncomfortable emotions, self-acceptance, and cope with stress. Using spiritual tools that are right for you will bring you on the right path to a healthy recovery.


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