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Addiction Pathways To Natural Community Support

Out of the Deepest Dark, a Light Shines

When individuals discover themselves or a loved one, suffering during the cycle of addiction, most often people first experience a feeling of fear.  People believe they are alone in their suffering.  They often try to hide their experience and attempt to protect the self from embarrassment.  They struggle with letting the people they love, down around them.

Before one comes to recovery, an addicted individual along with their family and friends often begin to recognize symptoms of abuse.  There are apparent signs of natural good health that may deteriorate. A positive life path is broken and a quality of life often disappears and is replaced by pain and self-medicating for pain management.

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction of any kind will take a toll on the physical body.  Drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and mental health issues also affect the emotional well being of an individual.  An addicted individual can also affect the emotional well being of their friends and family around them, who often struggle right alongside the addicted human being.

Our Methods Work

The Avalon Malibu wellness model provides holistic pathways to natural community support. Avalon Malibu is leading the way within the world of addiction and in the area of mental health treatment.  Imparting highly developed modernization, Avalon Malibu is a “Sanctuary Model” treatment facility that is recovery-oriented treatment verses treatment-oriented treatment.

When a person arrives at Avalon Malibu they have a set of needs that must be approached and met in a natural and fulfilling process in order to successfully recover. Avalon Malibu provides a natural pathway to community support where individuals learn tools to live sober and embrace all life has to offer -naturally. The Avalon Malibu integrative and evidence-based programs combine mind, body, and spirit and embrace greater insight for a higher success rate that is based on potential rather than pathology.

Holistic Treatment Options

The road out of addiction can be easier when people receive natural tools and pathways to support necessary for sustaining permanent sobriety and change. Addictive substances are poisons. The body has to draw upon nutrient reserves to deal with the matter. The immune system and internal organs such as the kidneys and liver are often damaged through the use of any type of substance.

Individuals suffering from drug and alcohol dependency often physically suffer from a host of metabolic disorders such as hypoglycemia, hypoadrenia, hypothyroidism, vitamin B deficiency, mineral deficiency, liver malfunction and depression.  Other health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypoglycemia are also common among drug addicts and alcoholics.

The Whole Client Is Considered

Clients require the correct nutrients and components for permanent healing to occur and the road to recovery is helped through excellent nutritional support. The pathways to natural healing, recovery, and health at Avalon Malibu include a whole body approach toward a solid foundation. Excellent natural food sources help to detoxify and rebuild the immune system.  They also work to nourish the nervous system which makes the process of natural recovery easier for the mind and body.

Clients at Avalon Malibu experience new ways of living that include vigorous foods, exercise, meditation and relaxation tools as well as group recovery support including aftercare.   Avalon Malibu is committed to teaching new ways for holistic living that impact wellness and success to each individual naturally.

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