Mental Health Journal Prompts

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Mental Health Journal Prompts

Journaling can be a powerful tool, and it’s one that we use here at Avalon Malibu. It can help you examine your own thoughts and evaluate how you’re doing. In this blog, we’re going to go over some mental health journal prompts. You can use the following prompts if you want to check in with yourself and keep a record of your mental health. 

Don’t be afraid to make the following prompts your own and find ways that you can adjust them to your own individual situation. We provide writing therapy at Avalon Malibu, so we strongly believe in the importance of finding the right journal prompts.

Mental Health Journal Prompts

Let’s get started and go over some of our favorite prompts. Pull out your favorite journal and get ready to explore your own mental health.

What Are Some Things You’re Grateful For?

Gratitude can be a big component of mental health. You can take stock of your life by making a list of things you’re grateful for (or journaling about them). We understand that gratitude can be hard sometimes, so it’s okay if your list only has a few things on it.

What’s Making You Happy Lately?

Whether this list is long or short can say a lot about how your mental health has been. If your list is on the shorter side, consider thinking about some ways that you can add to it.

How Have You Been Sleeping Lately?

Sleep can say a lot about mental health. If you’ve been sleeping too much or too little, it may be time for you to consider what that could mean about how your mental health has been.

Have You Been Able to Be Productive?

Productivity can be different for everyone. For some people, productivity is being able to make their bed and brush their teeth. For others, productivity is being able to go to school or work. Consider defining what productivity means to you.

We understand that it can be complicated to examine your own mental health. If you’re currently struggling and you’d like to learn more about treatment options, we’re here to help. You can reach us by calling (844) 857-5992 and we’ll connect you with a member of our staff who can provide you with more information about what we do at Avalon Malibu. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and take the first steps towards improving your mental health today.

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