Marijuana Addiction: Facts You Need to Know

Marijuana Addiction: Facts You Need to Know

Marijuana addiction has been a long-debated topic over the past few years, as many people believe that since it’s considered a “natural herb”, it doesn’t have addictive properties. If you ask a large number of people, however, you might receive different stories; in 2015, writer Kitty Gray shared her story via Vice on how she struggled with marijuana dependency. She explained that for 6 years in a row, she’d deliberately smoke marijuana three times a day; she described her dependence as this: “I can now admit that I’ve been psychologically addicted to weed for the past decade-plus. If I need to eat, sleep, be amused, calm down, forget a horrible experience, practice self love, run errands of any kind, watch TV or create something: I smoke.”   

No matter what your relationship to marijuana has been in the past, it’s important to know the facts. While marijuana may not be considered physically addictive, it’s psychologically addictive. Individuals who go through this dependence stage with marijuana tend to think about using a lot – and if they’re not able to use it in an effort to control how they want to feel, they’re likely to become disappointed.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that those who use marijuana frequently already tend to report symptoms like irritability, cravings, restlessness, decreased appetite, sleep issues and more – and this is because the brain adapts to the effects that marijuana produces. The earlier that a person begins using marijuana – especially if they start using before the age of 18 – the more likely they are to develop marijuana dependency as an adult.

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