Is There Such Thing As A Sleeping Pill Hangover?

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Sleeping pills are meant to induce deep sleep for an extended period of 6-10 hours. While for some sleeping pills are hardly noticeable, for others, the next day can feel as though they’ve been demolished by a wrecking ball. Even if you get a full 12 hours of sleep or more you might feel drowsy as a result of sleeping pills. Sleeping pill “hangovers” are feeling the effects of a sleeping pill well after a full night’s rest. Side effects can include:

  • Severe drowsiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of motor function control
  • Difficulty speaking; slurred and incoherent speech
  • Acting as though intoxicated
  • Falling in and out of sleep
  • Unable to stay asleep or awake in a continuous state

Other Side Effects

Other side effects can result from the use of sleeping pills. Side effects of sleeping pills can include:

  • Change in sleeping behaviors and habits: a sleeping pill should just help you sleep. However, some sleeping pills inspire your brain to take more action while you sleep. Sleep walking, sleep eating, and other dangerous sleep-doing activities can occur.
  • Tolerance for sleeping pills: Overtime the body can become used to taking sleep medication. As a result, the body ceases to respond to medication when taken. The body will return to old sleeping patterns, or even start to crave the sleeping pill so it can get a good night’s rest.
  • Dependency on sleeping pills: When the body develops a need to take a sleeping pill in order to relax or sleep, it has become dependent on it. Abusing a prescription for a sleeping pill is not a necessary requirement to building a dependency. Many people who use their medications as prescribed every day find that should they forget their pill one day or decide to stop taking it they experience symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Death: As a result of overdose on sleeping pills, mixing a prescription with other drugs, or driving while sleeping (or sleeping pill hangover) death can occur. Famous deaths like Heath Ledger occurred as a result of mixing sleeping medications with other medications.

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