How Successful is Group Therapy?

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A 2012 feature on the American Psychological Association’s (APA) states that group therapy has become more popular over the years due to the efficacy of it; more and more research is proving the benefits of group therapy. Group therapy has been used for a variety of issues, such as for survivors of trauma, people who have been diagnosed with an addiction or mental disorder, anger management, personal growth, anxiety management, and a host of other concerns. If you haven’t experienced group therapy yet, there are a variety of aspects you’ll find helpful:

  • You will be able to recreate some of the interpersonal problems that you’ve experienced in your life
  • You may learn about closeness and intimacy
  • You will experience and learn of new ways to relate to yourself, others, and the world
  • You will work to understand yourself and your feelings better, as well as better ways to express your feelings
  • You may learn how to be more assertive

A 2014 study published in the BMC Psychiatry journal found that of participants who engaged in group cognitive behavioral therapy, 57% showed significant improvement and recovery from depression. What made these participants so successful? There are a variety of factors that influence your success in group therapy:

  • Test out new ways of interacting with people to see what works best for you
  • Learn to identify and communicate in the present moment
  • Ask questions and engage in conversation with the people in your group

In doing these things, you are opening yourself up for a new experience and for learning and growth to occur. Group therapy can be a beautiful experience that can provide you with healing if you are open to it. If you are nervous about group therapy, express your concerns to your group. This could build trust and you may even connect with others in the group who are nervous as well.

Don’t give up in recovery. Try different things to see what works best for you.





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