Giving Yourself Permission to Change

Giving Yourself Permission to Change

One of the hardest aspects of change can be permitting yourself to change. It is easy to become stuck in believing that, because you have been one way all your life, you will always be that way.

Recognizing you have autonomy when it comes to change can be the catalyst you need to cultivate the life you desire, reach your goals, and be your authentic self in the world.

Dispelling Expectations of Self

Have you ever gotten so used to a trait of yours, or done something automatically because that is what you have always done, that you have created an expectation of yourself to always be, do, think, and live the same way?

There is nothing wrong with staying the same, even when these patterns are not supporting you and the goals you have. Yet, bringing awareness to what expectations of self you may have, and allowing yourself to release them, can be helpful in your healing journey.

Fear of Outgrowing Others

Another aspect of feeling that change cannot occur might be because it is scary to outgrow those around you. Worrying over not being able to relate to them any longer, letting go of relationships that keep you stuck in old patterns, and changing when they are not can all be intimidating.

There is no way around this challenge, and it too is part of the healing process. It can be uncomfortable to outgrow your peers and past versions of yourself, but that does not mean it is wrong, you are wrong, or they are wrong. It simply means you are changing because change is a natural and necessary part of life and recovery.

Grieving What Was

As you move forward in your healing and recovery, you may experience grief over past things, whether that be old habits, relationships, or ways of being that you are releasing. When grief is present, it can be tempting to gravitate toward those past versions for a sense of familiarity. You can feel the grief present, process it as it comes with your treatment team, and choose differently anyway.

Giving yourself permission to change may need to happen before change can actually occur. Noticing you are feeling stuck because you are outgrowing past versions of yourself, old habits, relationships, and environments can feel destabilizing. Permitting yourself to change by bringing awareness to your expectations of yourself, acknowledging fear, and grieving what was are all important stepping stones on your journey to recovery.

The process of change and healing is not linear. At times you may feel motivated to change, and at other times you may feel stuck. In these moments when you feel stagnant, remind yourself you have permission to change. These ways of being have kept you safe, but releasing them allows you to be better. At Avalon Malibu, we can help you reflect on ways you’ve kept yourself safe from change while helping you move forward to promote healing. Call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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