Factors of Self-Trust

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Factors of Self-Trust

Self-trust is a muscle you have to build, especially when it has been weakened through years of pain, trauma, addiction, and mental illness. Trusting yourself is a critical piece of your well-being that can connect you to your inner wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, light, and joy.

Getting to Know Yourself

Self-trust is ultimately about getting to truly know yourself and trust that you are safe to be who you are. You can let go of expectations you have placed upon yourself, ideas of who you “should” be, and other people’s perceptions of you. This is a continual process of self-discovery that can allow you to connect with what your truth, desires, wants, passions, and needs are.

It could be helpful to journal about what comes up for you when you ask:

  • What does self-trust mean to me?
  • What are the ways I struggle to trust myself?
  • What would I do and who would I be if I did trust myself?

Discovering How You Give Your Power Away

To build trust with yourself, it is important to also look at the ways you typically give your power away to outside people, places, and things. You may find yourself giving your power away by comparing yourself, trusting the voices of others more than your own, and asking others what you should do rather than asking yourself this question.

Giving Yourself What You Need

As you learn what it means to trust yourself and how to do so, you should ask yourself what you need. Knowing what you need is one thing, but giving yourself what you need is a whole other beast. Allowing yourself to take ownership of your needs without asking permission from somebody else is how you begin to embody self-trust.

In giving yourself what you need, you might begin to check in with yourself throughout the day when you are feeling disconnected. Ask yourself, “Right now, at this moment, what is it that I truly need?” Hearing the answer to this question from within takes practice, but trust that your intuition will guide you.

Self-trust may feel uncomfortable at first as it is a new way of being in a relationship with yourself. With practice and time, it will become second nature and more familiar. Beginning to build your muscle of self-trust takes time and is possible through creating space to get to know yourself, discovering how you give your away, and giving yourself what you need.

Learning how to trust yourself after addiction or mental health challenges can be an uncomfortable process. It is also one that can empower you to tap into your inner wellspring of knowledge where your intuition can guide you to what you need. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how confusing this process can be, and are here to support you through getting to know yourself, building self-awareness, and giving yourself what you need. If you are ready for support in your growth, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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