Eliminating Your Fears Like Peeling Away Onion Layers

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Have you ever wondered what life or different situations would be like if fear were not involved? The emotions human beings feel range from happy, sad, anxious, and all those in between. However, one of the most complicated and interesting emotions is fear. It strikes like a lightning bolt in an open field and can change the way we function in our brain and body. Some people experience emotions in confrontational situations, while others discover the emotion when they experience progress. Fear is complicated and comes in many forms. So it is important to understand how you can overcome and eliminate fears.

The Onion Layers Of Fear

Many people in the world wish to be fearless. However, being completely fearless is a myth. During life, the emotion of fear arises. Now, some who seek to be fearless may find ways to cope with the emotion of fear and to learn to redirect it in a different term. This allows them to be closer to being fearless, but because of the construction of her brain and body, the emotion still lives.

Look at an onion. There are layers of onions, and all the layers are attributed to creating the onion. However, when you peel back the last layer of the onion, there’s nothing left. The layers make the onion. Fear is the same way. There are many layers and levels of fear. As human beings, we are wired to feel fear, and without it, our natural instincts would cease to exist. Not only do we have to learn to deal with the emotion, but we also have to learn to get closer to the root of what’s causing the fear.

Why Does Fear Matter In Recovery?

In addiction recovery, fear is embedded all over the place. There are various situations and scenarios where fear strikes without notice. Everyone has doubts and insecurities, whether fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of living a healthier sober free life. Fear is an emotion that protects us from potential outcomes. It is equally important to understand it in recovery. Use it as a beneficial tool instead of a tool that hinders you with negativity.

When you identify your fears, you can identify your strengths. In recovery, you can learn to overcome your fear through various treatments. You can practice gratitude, retrain your mind, find positive affirmations, and learn how to overcome obstacles. At times, your potential in life may feel limited. However, by transforming the fear into empowering actions, you eliminate the onion layer of fear. Your fears turn into confidence that helps you along the recovery path. Avalon Malibu can help you rebuild yourself in a positive direction. We provide health therapies and support so each client can find long-term success. For more, call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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